24 Hour Freight Airport

At the Murray Bridge end of the new corridor, there is a perfect location to build a new, freight-only airport with no curfew, thus operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This type of airport can produce significant efficiencies as the flight schedule can be determined based on the most cost-effective time to land at the alternate destination.

As it is a freight-only terminal, there is also substantially cheaper operating costs. There is a lot of interest from private equity to invest in airports of a similar nature. Being able to access export markets across Asia by efficient airfreight will open up enormous opportunities for our fresh produce and advanced manufactured goods.

An airport of this type would have the capacity to attract products for export from across our state, and would potentially attract export goods from the west of Victoria as well. Countless new and existing businesses would have a major change to market access capacity and cost structure.