Safe, efficient and sustainable road freight infrastructure is central to unlocking the productive capacity of South Australian businesses and exporters.

A new road freight carriageway running parallel to the northern rail bypass would provide transport companies with unprecedented speed and efficiency in the movement of road freight in our State.

Articulated and heavy rigid trucks currently travel along metropolitan roads through densely populated suburban areas, battling local traffic conditions – congestion, reduced speed limits, traffic lights, and school crossings.

It is dangerous and inefficient. The new corridor would provide freight trucks with unfettered access to and from Port Adelaide and the sorting yards north of the city, bypassing 36 traffic signals. The first traffic light encountered after leaving Victoria would be in the heart of the Port.

It would connect the South Eastern Freeway with the Sturt Highway and Northern Expressway, as well as the proposed Northern Connector, enabling a 100km/h link from Murray Bridge to Port Adelaide.

A Marshall Liberal Government will work to keep large freight trucks off suburban roads, improving road safety, increasing productivity, and reducing costs associated with the transportation of road freight in South Australia.